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In order to build the very best custom digital solutions, we use an agile build process, focusing on iterative design, testing, and development

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The first step in the process of creating a new website (or any digital solution) is to define a solid vision for a project.
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With a defined vision, design work on the idea can begin. This step will normally involve an independent or freelance designer, in order to help create bespoke branding, and to collaboratively create the website's layout. As part of this process, designs for both desktop and mobile environments will be created.
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In order to ensure quick and efficient development, we will work with you to refine the design and concept further to define a minimum viable product, which can be built first to ensure the project delivers visible results quickly.
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Depending on the complexity of the project, the development of the website may involve a prototyping phase, before being followed by the start of a back-end and front-end development of the website.
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Throughout the development process, we believe it is crucial to test frequently and extensively, as the earlier bugs and issues are identified, the easier (and therefore cheaper) it normally is to fix them.
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Following the end of development for the minimum viable product, we will host the website in a private staging environment for you to test, review, and populate prior to launch.
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Once you are happy with the website, the initial version of the project can be release to the public! As part of the launch we also offer support and guidance for website analytics and search engine optimisation.
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Following launch we can identify and fix any new issues and make minor changes quickly and with minimum disruptions to the live site.
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Following the launch of the minimum viable product, we can then expand the project with new features - providing a modular development experience, and allowing the project to grow in the right direction, based on user feedback.

Process Summary

What this achieves

This process is designed to help us build websites as ideas evolve, and keep budgets and timeframes on track.

It is based on the "build a little, test a little and learn a lot" philosophy, and we believe it helps deliver a website quickly, and with less surprises in the final product.

In practical terms this means we have a staging website to allow you to see and test features before they are released, and we can also provide mockup designs of proposed features before we even write a single line of code.

This philosophy also applies to all our services, whether dealing with complex data driven back-end solutions, or responsive mobile layout design.

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