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An Asset to Any Business

While mechanically simpler than an ecommerce website, a informational or brochure website is still a crucial tool for any company, no matter what size. A well designed and built website can help a small company seem larger than they really are, or make a massive company seem more familiar to a user.

The goal of these websites is primarily to share information, both directly and indirectly. Whether that is to drive customers to contact you, to provide interesting knowledge, or to display statistics, these types of websites are actually very diverse. Because of this, we believe all our websites should be built to allow for flexibility and change. That is why unlike many website designers we provide a content management system as a standard part of every website we build.

Using this content management system, our most flexible sites (such as this one), are built using a modular block layout, where content editors can add, remove, or edit blocks without further development costs. Once each block or module has been created, they can then be used and reused throughout the site on numerous page types, allowing websites to adapt quickly as a business inevitable changes and evolves.

Screenshot of the Computersmith content management system

Content Management

This screenshot is of the Umbraco content management system used by this website - it is intuitive and easy to use, although we can always provide support and training if needed.

Focused on your requirements

No matter what your requirements are, because each website we build is unique, we can incorporate specific needs and desires into the code. One key example of this is accessibility - we can build sites to meet complex criteria if needed, but as part of good practice, all our sites use alternative labels for images and descriptions of buttons. Not only is this good for screens readers, but it is also more information that is used by search engines such as Google, and therefore contributes to good SEO.

Similarly, we can also focus our designs to cater more to mobile, tablet, or desktop users, depending on a websites target market. While we always build using responsive code, including features such as a mobile menu as standard, depending on your requirements we can specialise a website further.

Therefore, since what we build really is dependent on your needs, the first step in all our sites is also our most crucial - the discovery phase! To get started, or to learn more about what we do, please get in touch.



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