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Project Overview

At its core, Quotake is a mobile application designed to help users sort and store their favourite quotes from the books they are reading.

Quotake App Store Images

Our Work

Multiple screenshots of the Quotake App

App Testing

Our core role when working with the Quotake team was to test the app for bugs and other issues.

This was a labour intensive process, involving both Android, iOS, and simulated devices, and frequently involved repeating the same actions multiple times to identify the core issue. Even once such an issue had been fixed, the app would then need to be retested in exactly the same way, in order to ensure no secondary issues had been missed.

As the app was also still in active development, whenever new features were released, further testing was also required to ensure that not only was the new feature working correctly, but that it had not broken existing functionality.

Screenshot of the Quotake issues tracking system

Recording System

In order to maximize the usefulness of our testing, we used a kanban-style progress board to organise and list the issues we raised. It is actually a very similar system we use as part of our website development process, and provides everyone working on a project a clear and concise method to understand both individual tickets, but also the overall workload.

As part of this system, each individual ticket had a description of the issue, exactly how to repeat it, what device it was tested on, and any relevant screenshots that would help clarify the issue.

Images of virtually running the Quotake app

Flexible Support

To deliver the best possible service, we were regularly in direct communication with the Quotake team whilst testing was ongoing, frequently providing on-demand support to explain and elaborate on reported issues.

We would also have regular meetings before and after each phase of app testing, which resulted in more targeted and efficient use of time and resources.

Project Summary

Hundreds of issues identified

Although this work was not part of our normal website development, we were able to utitlise a very similar approach to our website bug testing, identifying hundreds of individual issues, and helping improve the functionality and reliability of the Quotake app.

As we have worked so heavily with the Quotake team, we are of course more than happy to recommend the app for personal use!

It can be downloaded for free from either the Google Play Store, or the Apple Store.

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